Road Rules (Trucker Edition)

By: Millennials in Trucking
Posted: Jul 23rd 2024 7:23AM
This segment is from trucker to trucker featuring points we all make to each other sometimes with the use of sign language through our windows, or verbally over the CB radio....

Industry Outlook: Safety Dance

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jul 19th 2024 8:00AM
Wanna know what's going on within the expedite industry, or with trucking overall? Then tune in to Industry Outlook, presented by Expediters Online and Expediter Services. Join our host, Brandon Baxter, as he engages with folks-in-the-know who will bring their knowledge, ideas, and expertise to the forefront of the trucking industry in 2024 and beyond. Join Host Brandon Baxter and Infinit-I Workforce Solutions' Randy Sturdivant as they discuss what's so important about proper...

Understanding Accident Liability and Its Importance in Downtime Claims

By: Kelsea Eckert
Posted: Jul 15th 2024 7:00AM
Accident liability plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of downtime claims, especially for individuals seeking compensation for lost income and wages after an accident....

Numbers Review

By: Kelly Plumb
Posted: Jul 17th 2024 8:00AM
Numbers Review We are just over half way through the year. What do your numbers look like? Do you track your revenue? How about your expenses? Do you track your fuel economy? What about your rate per mile to the truck? All of these numbers will tell us how our truck is performing as well as how our business is doing. If you do not track any of these numbers, how can you know if your business is growing or about to go broke? While this year has been a challenge for many of us,...

Let Freedom Ring!

By: Kelly Plumb
Posted: Jul 3rd 2024 8:00AM
LET FREEDOM RING! The Fourth of July gives us the opportunity to celebrate the freedoms that we all enjoy. While there are many inside and outside of our country that are trying to take our freedoms away, the truck drivers that I have met believe in the freedoms that our country affords us all. As independent contractors we can appreciate the freedom to have a business and work in that business in a legal and safe manner. Lately, there are some who are trying to take away our...

It Takes Two

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jun 17th 2024 8:00AM
Of course, most drivers would indeed prefer the solitude of the open road. Who wouldn't? You get to take your work with you and make money wherever you go. No boss or supervisors to answer to (other than perhaps dispatch and the Department of Transportation), and you're touring the countryside over the wide-open road. What's not to like about that? As appealing as driving solo can be, it's often accompanied by the risk of losing out on extra cash by limiting oneself in earnin...

Marketing Yourself in Trucking

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jun 10th 2024 8:00AM
When beginning a new job, many people simply want to learn their role and focus on only what they were hired for. If they're hired to pick up a phone to answer and make calls, then they'd make sure to just learn that job. That's it. If they're brought into a company to process paperwork, or maybe they're a sales or tech specialist, then that's what they do. Focus on the task at hand and only do what you were brought in for. Some folks out there excel at more than just one thi...


By: Kelly Plumb
Posted: Jun 5th 2024 8:00AM
A while back a friend asked me if my husband and I ever have a chance to sightsee while we are on the road. I replied that for the most part we do not. This conversation allowed me to reflect on how many drivers take the opportunity to get out of the truck to see and explore. Do you? Where do you go? What have you seen? We were on the East coast and were invited to see the sights with another team with which we are friends. We had a great time seeing things like the Liberty B...

Driving as an Independent Contractor

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jun 3rd 2024 8:00AM
The best thing about being an independent contractor is that there are an endless number of opportunities in the world that allow you to be your own boss. Some of those opportunities are certainly difficult to attain, while others are more easily accessible but sometimes far less enticing. Whether you're an experienced owner-operator or an independent contractor looking to get into the expedite industry, choosing the right carrier to run for makes all the difference in the wo...

Terminating Driver Turnover

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: May 20th 2024 8:00AM
It's almost common knowledge that driver turnover rates in the trucking industry tend to hover around or above the 100% mark. However, believe it or not, there are some fleets out there that have figured out a way to reduce their turnover rate. Which has shown to be more beneficial for both driver and company. Here are some suggestions for how to go about providing a better atmosphere for drivers, while lowering turnover. Show Them the Money "Money talks and BS walks," right?...

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