Making Mental Health a Priority

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 31st 2022 8:00AM
Driving a commercial vehicle can certainly be a lonely job, and it can be all too easy for mental health hurdles and challenges to creep up on a driver as the miles roll by. Extended time away from family and friends, long periods without human interaction, and other circumstances can be detrimental to anyone's psyche. With renewed emphasis being placed on folks and their mental health these days, here are some ways drivers can help maintain their own mental health while over...

Reaching Younger Drivers

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 26th 2022 8:00AM
Gone are the days of starting a job out of school, building it into a career, and finishing off one's working life with the same company or organization only to ride off into the sunset of retirement. That all seems like a pipedream anymore, and with good reason. Companies, in general, seem more willing to hire a youngster in at lower pay and then try to keep them at arm's length when it comes to raises or promotions. Why would someone want to stay in an environment like that...

Be a Utility Infielder

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 16th 2022 8:00AM
When getting started in a new job a lot of people take the route of just wanting to learn the role they were hired for. If you're hired to answer phones, you'd make sure to learn that role and then that's it. If you're brought into a company to process paperwork, or maybe you're a sales or tech specialist, then that's what you do. Focus on the task at hand. But some folks out there excel at more than just one thing, which makes them more indispensable than the ones who are o...

Infrastructure Improvements

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 10th 2022 8:00AM
Recently, The U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced plans to use $7.3 billion to help prepare the nation's infrastructure for the continuing assault of climate change. While this is just the beginning of some semblance of infrastructure assistance and addressing the needs of our transportation systems, the hope is that there will be more to come in terms of infrastructure attention. What is the Purpose? The FHWA has reveal...

Loose Lips, Lose Shipments

By: Greg Huggins
Posted: Aug 19th 2022 7:11AM
It is no secret that in today's society, people really like to brag about themselves. You cannot open social media without seeing someone trying to get their "fifteen minutes of fame", even if it is only one 30 second video at a time....

Military Vets Can Find Work as Truck Drivers

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 5th 2022 8:00AM
Now, you can add military veterans to the list of potential truck driving hopefuls thanks to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training (CMVOST) grant program. The CMVOST grant program is being funded by a $3.1 million award from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the grants are part of the Biden-Harris administration's trillion-dollar Trucking Action Plan (TAP), which had been announce...

Opinion: Why Not Start with Expedite?

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 12th 2022 8:00AM
With recent renewed efforts by the United States government and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to address the shortage of over 80,000 drivers in this country, something came to mind during my readings and research. Why would it be such a great idea for newly minted commercial truck drivers to get their start in the world of expedite freight? I mean, seriously. In an industry that prides itself on quick turnaround and fast progression, someone who may be new to ...

Expedite: Your Next Career Move

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Aug 3rd 2022 8:00AM
A common theme coming from drivers and other like-minded individuals from this year's Expedite Expo was the idea of no longer driving for someone else, but rather to follow a dream of becoming an independent contractor and thus one's own boss. Workshops discussed this idea, roundtables elaborated on it, and individual one-on-one conversations permeated the Expo with thoughts and dreams about working for none other than oneself. How It Started Most folks begin their working li...

Watch This Space!

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Jul 26th 2022 8:30AM
If you've been around the expedite block a time or two, you're probably familiar with the newest addition to the blog team. And if you haven't been longtime readers of our driver-contributed blogs, then allow us to introduce Sandy Goche and Stephen Halsted. Considering recent health issues concerning our dynamic blogging team of Bob and Linda Caffee, Stephen and Sandy have offered to step in and pinch hit in their stead. Recently, the owner operators resp...

Recruiting New Blood

By: Brandon Scott - Staff Writer
Posted: Jul 25th 2022 8:00AM
As the ongoing driver shortage continues, unceremoniously hitting a record high in 2021, many companies and carriers are attempting to turn their attention toward a somewhat untapped resource of trucking talent in the transportation industry. A trucking youth movement if you will, and below are just a handful of suggestions for companies to consider when they're actively trying to inject the industry with new blood. Make Trucking Look Glamorous! Not to say that Instagram is n...

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