Honesty in the Trucking Industry

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Jan 14th 2024 8:00AM
In transportation, honesty is a door that swings both ways. Not only are drivers seeking employment expecting a straight-up recruiter to give them the scoop on what to anticipate with a potential company. But to be fair, there is a certain level of honesty that recruiters require out of potential driving candidates as well. And as long as we're being honest here, both sides could certainly learn a thing or two from the other. Don't Tell Me What I Want To Hear A recruiter tell...

Hurdles in Renting Equipment and the Importance of Fair Compensation

By: Kelsea Eckert
Posted: Dec 15th 2023 7:45AM
Small trucking businesses and owner-operators can face significant challenges when their trucks are damaged in accidents. While regular people often get rental help from insurance, it's not the same for businesses with big trucks. This means truckers have to figure out how to get temporary trucks on their own, and it can be tough and costly. Renting Trucks is a Struggle There are several reasons why it's hard for a truck owner to rent a replacement. Contracts with trucking co...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 25th 2023 8:00AM
From the team at ExpeditersOnline.com, we'd like to take a few moments to pause and reflect on how the years may seem to endlessly advance but the base formula for expedited gift shopping and giving remains unchanged. During the holidays, many in the truck driving community that we love and hold dear are busy working to help maintain an economy that is largely based on buying and selling. Most folks don't typically consider much beyond the customary exchanging of funds in ord...

Bring on Truck Driver Barbie

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 18th 2023 8:00AM
For decades now, the Barbie doll has been a symbol of female empowerment for young girls all over the world, demonstrating through various professions that they can aspire to be anything they set their minds to. Barbie has undoubtedly been an inspiration for generations and will surely continue to be just that as the years roll on. However, one crucial profession Barbie has yet to explore is that of the wonderful world of truck driving. Recognizing that women certainly play a...

'Tis the Season to be Prepared

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Dec 11th 2023 8:00PM
Once again, it's that time of year when we head out into the shops and stores in search of the best possible gifts for the ones we love. It's the holiday season, after all! And whether you prefer to do your spending whilst braving the wilds of malls and department stores on Black Friday, or you've adopted the far less stressful route of online present pursuance, I figured it might be nice to share some ideas for gift considerations. I've always appreciated a gift that someone...

Boss Your Loss! Take Control of Your Insurance Claim! Five Tips for Dealing with an Adverse Insurance Claims Adjuster

By: Kelsea Eckert
Posted: Nov 1st 2023 7:35AM
In the world of car carriers and the trucking industry, Joe is a seasoned operator, confidently maneuvering his rig with ease. However, when it comes to navigating the complex world of insurance claims, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory. A recent collision with another semi-truck at a truck stop left his cab severely damaged, through no fault of his own. This accident led Joe to understand that to regain control over the situation, he needed to educate himself and pote...

Winter. Is. Coming.

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 23rd 2023 8:00PM
Preparing your truck for the winter season that's assuredly on the way can be a discouraging task, but it's also something that is extremely beneficial for those who use their prep time wisely. Doing so can mean the difference between a major incident on a slippery road or avoiding a major shutdown because of lacking certain winter weather equipment. It would be a smart move to get out ahead of the season. And unless you have a red coat, a white beard, and eight tiny reindeer...

Mission Possible

By: Greg Huggins
Posted: Oct 25th 2023 5:02AM
Your mission, should you choose to accept it....

Can Youth be Served?

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 9th 2023 8:00AM
How does the trucking industry appeal to the youth of today? As older drivers age out of the workforce and companies and carriers struggle to fill empty trucks, is there a way to reach a younger generation of commercial and expedite truck drivers? The trucking industry currently has a prime opportunity to change its image and brand itself to a new generation of drivers. Exiting the pandemic, truckers and delivery drivers have become highly regarded as the general public now h...

Happy Truckers Appreciation Day!

By: Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted: Oct 4th 2023 10:49AM
A simple thank you is never enough. One more time, before the end of 2023, we extend our gratitude in the direction of those truckers who go above and beyond the call of duty. Every. Single. Day. Happy Truckers Appreciation day from ExpeditersOnline.com....

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