By: Greg Huggins
Posted: Aug 12th 2020 8:09AM

Having gained the intestinal fortitude to interject oneself into another's affairs with the intent of encroaching on their patron, one can find themselves with a rueful countenance. Interlopers are generally not well received. However, if an intruder displays enough savvy to gain entry, perhaps they should proceed gingerly as to not disturb the delicate balance which already exists. The indignation of an infiltrator with expectations of viscous lactic fluids without first kneading the grain mixture will be met with umbrage, ire, discontent and exasperation.

Should a trespasser put forth a concerted effort to be accepted by the bona fide originals, whilst limiting the dudgeon of the genuine, one must know the accepted role for an alien amongst natives.

An encroaching outsider should be astute, not obtuse. If you are the latter, your comeuppance is forthcoming and you should prepare for alternative negotiations.

See you down the road,


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