I ain't given in now

By: J.J.
Posted: Apr 20th 2020 8:30AM

What in the Sam Hill is all the truck drivers complaining about? My daddy always told me, son, you gotta work smarter than the next guy if you want to get ahead in this world. Where did all these new age owner operators learn how to be a truck driver? Sure the rates are in the toilet but you know what, so are expenses. I mean, I can run my truck for so much less than I could before this virus thing happened. When I see all yall griping about cheap freight, have any of yall even thought about the cheap fuel? Another thing my daddy always said was that life isn't gonna be fair or easy son, you gotta work for what ya get. Yeah trucking is a hard way to earn a living at times, but ya gotta take the good and the bad. And when it is bad, you gotta work smarter than the other fella and put in the hours to get the job done. This ain't no time for crying and complaining. I gotta job to do and I'm out here just a getting it done. I ain't seen fuel prices this low in a lot of years. I might not have the number of loads I used to have, but I sure ain't given up and going home. Can't make no money sitting at home. Yall need to quit all the griping and get to work. Trucking is a tough business and you gotta be tougher. I been trucking my whole life and I seen worse times than this. I didn't let it get me before and I ain't given in now.


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