Living Large in a Tiny House

By: Kelly Plumb
Posted: Apr 15th 2024 4:16PM

Let me introduce myself. I'm Kelly Plumb and I have been driving trucks for the past 12 years with my husband and business partner Dave. More recently, we added our trucking doggo Rocky to the team. We started by transporting campers in a one ton Dodge dually.

Within a very short period of time it became obvious that 2 people living in a pickup truck was not going to work. We bought a second pickup truck. We each drove one. After about a year of doing that, we upgraded to a medium duty (class 6) semi. Another year went by and we were introduced to expediting. We bought our first expedite truck, a used 2013 Freightliner Cascadia with 420,000 miles. She treated us well - for the most part. After 6 years, we bought the truck pictured above. This is a 2021 Volvo VNL300 with a 150" sleeper which won the Drivers' Choice Award at the 2021 Expedite Expo. The three of us live quite comfortably. We currently haul very specialized freight. We feel blessed to have grown our business so quickly.

As a former educator, I will do my best to educate and entertain. Anyone who knows me knows that I love my spreadsheets and analyzing the numbers that help our business to succeed. I am also very passionate about helping everyone to succeed. Having said this, the information we share may not work for everyone; I can only tell what has worked for us.

Some of you may have seen this article where I did a review of the weBoost. We liked it so well that we put another weBoost in our Volvo too!

In closing, our journey from where we started to where we are today has been a bumpy ride. Each year presents new challenges that allow us to grow. We all know that this trucking life of ours is not for the faint of heart. For those of us that have been in the profession for so many years, we know the highs and lows are just part of doing business.

Wishing you all a prosperous year!


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