My Generation

By: Greg Huggins
Posted: Apr 17th 2021 7:48AM

Ever wonder where generations are said to start or end? Interestingly, they are not aligned with decades. Looking at the timeline for each defined generation, you can see why there are some people who cross over to previous generations or fall in with the next generation. Generations are defined by the year of your birth. While you may have been born at the beginning years or ending years of a particular generation, you may fit in with the prior or the latter generations better than your own.

The Lost Generation 1883 - 1900

  • Came of age during World War I and the Roaring Twenties

The Greatest Generation (G.I. Generation) 1901 - 1927

  • Older G.I.s came of age during the Roaring Twenties and younger G.I.s came of age during The Great Depression and World War II.

The Silent Generation (The Lucky Few) 1928 - 1945

  • Came of age after World War II, but may have fought in the Korean War and in Vietnam.

Baby Boomers (Me Generation) 1946 - 1964

  • Older Boomers may have fought in Vietnam or joined the counterculture movement

Generation X (Gen X) 1965 - 1980

  • Some also call Xers the baby bust generation since birth rates fell after the Boomers generation.

Millennials (Generation Y) 1981 - 1996

  • Grew up around the turn of the millennium.

Generation Z (Gen Z) 1997 - 2012

  • Also known as Zoomers.

Generation Alpha (Gen Alpha) 2013 - Now (projected to end mid 2020s)

  • Gen Alpha is the first generation entirely born in the 21st century.

There you have it. The list of all the named generations dating back to 1883.

See you down the road,


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